Celebrating One Year Anniversary At HHMC

On March 28th. Hana Holistic Medical Center marked it is first year in existence. It has been a rewarding journey to see the practice growing day by day. Hana Holistic Medical Center has grown from my passion and vision for … Read More

Medicine And Music

The character 藥 in Chinese which refers to a medicine or a drug was originated from a lower part, 樂, which means music or happiness and a top part , 艹, which means grass or herb. The combination gives us … Read More

Anas Hana MD chinese medicine acupuncture

Being Whole

The article in the New York Times below addresses a concerning issue with the rising death toll of young whites due to suicide and drug overdose partly related to prescription drugs misuse. As a physician who has been practicing for … Read More

Anas Hana natural Holistic medicine approach to Acne by diet and lifestyle changes

A Holistic Approach For Acne

Below are some tips that I have just recently shared with a patient of mine who has been struggling with acne. I thought it might be worth sharing. I also included a link to a recent article from The New … Read More