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Patient Portal

The portal can be used to edit your demographics and insurance information and allows easy registration and pre checking in.

You can send secure messages to your doctor and staff, schedule or cancel an appointment, review a detailed summary of your health records, allergies and your recent lab test results.

The portal allows you to submit your Rx Refills to your doctor online. You can also request an E visit when your doctor can conduct an encounter for routine medical problems online using a secure chat or video conferencing. Finally, you can see your current balance on the Portal and allow any payments due online.

If you have any problems accessing the portal, please call us at 510-527-1678 or email us at

Note to Patients: For any medical concerns, you can email dr. Hana only through the patient portal. The patient portal is integrated with our electronic health record system and is the preferable means of communication. All correspondence through the portal becomes a part of the medical record and is tracked. HHMC will not communicate regarding personal medical information from patients through regular business email.