Fire is one of the five elements in Chinese medicine beside Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.
It is associated with the season of the summer, the ripe fruit and the red color. It is the extreme yang energy.
When Fire is balanced and in harmony with the other elements, it is warm, glowing and inviting.
Fire brings things into manifestation. It lights the path for finding our true selves and love. It brings passion, joy and laughter to our life.

When Fire in Traditional Chinese Medicine goes out of control, It attacks the other elements. We become anxious and restless and easily distracted.
Symptoms and diseases develop. For examples, dry cough, fever, insomnia, hot rashes, frequent painful urination, anxiety and palpitations are all related to an excessive fire.

Balancing the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine with acupuncture, acupressure and herbal formulas is the key for a good health and a longer life.

Anas Hana, MD

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