On earth day, at Hana Holistic Medical Center, we were thankful for friends, family and a community of caring people for joining us to share a special day.

The Earth Element in Chinese medicine correlates to a desire for peace and harmony. Earth is about nurturing, having gravity, security and self-protection. It is about feeling safe at home.

The Earth Element teaches us how to have sympathy with others, how to be involved and needed. How to protect ourselves and protect others we care about.

The Earth Element is associated with the ripe fruits of the late summer, the sweet taste, the round flesh. It is linked to the stomach and spleen (pancreas) organs. It helps us digest food and ideas and nurture our bodies and minds.

The Earth Element teaches us how to dance, sing and celebrate.

We at Hana Holistic are appreciative for the vital earth energy and for having an opportunity to share our love for mother earth with our community.

Anas Hana, MD

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